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Madrid, Spain’s capital, 3.2 million inhabitants (the city outskirts with a population of 6.3 million people), the country’s largest city and is also the third most populous city in the European Union.

Ahead of Barcelona, Spain’s most visited city, and also the fourth most visited towns in Europe. In the middle of the city almost geometrically precisely located in Spain. The climate is Mediterranean, continental characteristics, with an average temperature of 24 degrees summer. One of Madrid’s most livable, cleanest capitals in the world. Legendary nightlife, there are plenty of bars and nightclubs, precious museums, many parks, blooms and smiling, friendly people waiting for tourists.


In 1561 it became the capital of Spain, Madrid, Toledo, and the new capital city (unusual in Catholic countries) there was no Church. Thus, already in the 16th century cathedral, Madrid began to plan, but construction only began in 1879. The construction progressed slowly, as a result of the civil war in the 1930s, was completely down. Eclectic variety of architectural ticket bearing the 104 m long, 76 m wide cathedral next to the royal palace finally in 1993 II. He consecrated by Pope John Paul II, but until 1999 the construction work is still conducted. Unlike other European cathedral from less grandiose, but rather a relatively modern cathedral. Dome can go for stunning 360 ° views over Madrid.

Bernabéu stadium

Real Madrid, the most successful in the world, and is still one of the greatest football team sanctuary. 85 thousand people in 1947, built a stadium capable of the most famous and most respected football venue in the world. They held three times in the UEFA Cup final and 2010 Champions League finals. During the tour, guests will visit interesting stadium highest point of the stadium, the locker rooms, the VIP area, the player slide, the press, the trophies and the Real Madrid museum, and even a bench to sit in.

Madrid’s new business district in 2008, completed four bell towers Cuatro Torres Business Area got its name. Here are the highest buildings in Spain, and also 4, 5 and 7 tallest buildings in the European Union.

The four towers are the highest Torre Bankia. The 45-storey skyscraper 250 meters tall, the European Union’s fourth tallest building matters. The other three towers: the Torre de Cristal (249-meter-high, 45-storey, the EU’s fifth tallest building), Torre PwC (236-meter-high, 52-storey, the EU’s seventh tallest building), the Torre Espacio and (230 meters tall, 57-storey, 12th tallest building in the EU).

Gran Vía

The Gran Vía in Madrid ornate and upscale shopping street, where the night life is significant. The Plaza de Plaza de Espana Cybele’s running. The lively street is one of the main shopping area of the city, where in addition to the purchase of the impressive architectural creations also can be admired. Its construction was approved in 1904, they began a few years later, in 1929, and completely re-built.
At the end of Gran Vía, at the corner of Calle de Alcalá and Gran Vía perhaps the biggest attractions of the street, located in a building called the Metropolis. The construction of the building began in 1907 and was inaugurated in 1911. The tower is decorated with 24-carat gold. Day and lighting is amazing, but different experience. Famous building is located at 1917 Telefonica Gran Via Edificio Grassy under number 1 or number 28 numbers – the first European skyscraper, built in 1926-1929 to 89 meters high.

Mercado San Miguel

The Plaza Mayor is located close to the open market in 1916. Private investors bought in 2003 and renovated in 2009. This is Madrid’s most popular market. Large assortment tasted ham, olives, seafood, desserts, drink beer, wine and champagne. Not the cheapest place, crowded, and quite touristy, but they are also, although open to the unmissable culinary delights for people who can leave great culinary experiences. The market is beautiful, wonderfully renovated building during the renovation, which forms iron and glass, is also noteworthy.

Palacio Real de Madrid – Royal Palace

The palace is the official residence of the king of Spain. VI. King Philip, however, does not live in the royal palace, but the smaller Palacio de la Zarzuelában, which is located in the outskirts of Madrid. The previously available at this location Antiguo Alcázar burned down on Christmas Day 1734, the current Royal Palace was built until 1738-1755. The Palacio Real de Madrid is currently ceremonies, diplomatic and ceremonial events hosts. Its interior is richly decorated, the works of artists such as Velázquez, Tiepolo, Mengs, Gasparini, Juan de Flandes, Caravaggio and Goya. Attractive and valuable furniture, carpets and objects (a violin-Stradivarius, porcelain) can be decorated. The weapon warehouse also interesting is considered the best in the world. Beautiful, interesting palace.
Eastern part of the palace of Madrid’s most beautiful square, Plaza de Oriente is located in beautiful buildings, gardens, statues, fountains and a nice walk, ride a cozy coffee lure

Teleferico – Chair

The Madrid chairlift was inaugurated in 1969, using 180 thousand people per year. The cable car trip bird’s-eye visible parks of Madrid’s Plaza de Espana, the temple Debod, the Royal Palace, and Almudena Cathedral. The 2.5-mile trip takes 10 minutes to reach the cable car up to 40 meters high. The cable car station, the cafe is in the Casa de Campo park a very good prospect. From quarter, respectively. a half-hour walk can be reached Madrid theme park and zoo. The traveler who wants a little bit different type of sights to see, including museums in the city center, and buildings that you want to go out with a bit of green and admire the view, it’s worth a try.

Madrid’s climate, because of the mediterranean climate, the most livable capital of the world.

Nightlife is legendary, and has a lot of attractions.
Madrid is a good atmosphere, food is brilliant and has so many attractions, like few other cities.
Madrid is the most interesting tourist attractions are within an easy fortunately, can be explored on foot circle.

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