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Privacy Statement

Data privacy policies are permanently available on the referenced website.

Ilona Nemes hereafter as a data controller agrees to the contents of the statement, but reserves the right to change the statement provided that the changes are notified to the public in a timely manner.
The data controller considers the respect of his clients’ information self-determination rights as a priority. Your personal data is handled confidentially and will take all measures that guarantee the security of your data.

Privacy Policy:

Personal data can be handled if
(a) the consent of the person concerned (voluntary), or
b) it is obliged by law or by virtue of its mandate to order a local government decree based on public interest.

Personal data can be transmitted, and different data manipulations can be linked when the party concerned has consented to it or if the law allows it and if the terms of the data are met for each personal data.

Personal data may only be handled for a specific purpose, in order to exercise a particular right and to fulfill its obligations.

Only personal data that is essential for achieving the purpose of data management can only be used to reach the goal only to the extent and time necessary to attain it. Personal data on volunteering can only be handled with appropriate informed consent.

The data subject must be informed, clearly, in a clear and detailed manner, of all the facts related to his or her data, in particular the purpose and legal basis of the data processing, the data controller and the person entitled to process it, the duration of the data handling, and who can know the data. The information should also include the rights and remedies available to the data subject in question.

It is forbidden to use a general and uniform personal identification mark without restriction.

Managed personal information
(a) Recruitment and treatment should be fair and legitimate;
(b) accurate, complete and, if necessary, timely;
(c) the method of storage must be such that the person concerned can only be identified for the time needed for storage.

Data transmission to EEA States shall be deemed to be the transfer of data within the territory of Hungary. Personal data may be transmitted to a data controller or data processor in a third country if the data subject expressly consented to it or permitted by law and that the protection of personal data is adequately protected in the processing or processing of the data provided in the third country.

Personal data range

Data management is based on a voluntary contribution.

We would like to inform the informants that, if they do not provide their personal information, the data supplier is obliged to obtain the consent of the person concerned.

Scope of managed data: username, password, username and username, email addresses, phone numbers, company name, date and time of registration, date and time of order, order information.

The deadline for deletion of the data is 10 years after the last login, and for contributions to the newsletter sending until the consent is withdrawn.

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