Switzerland is a beautiful country, which travel lovers should not miss one of the destinations.

Bern, Switzerland’s capital, but the largest city of Zurich.

In addition to the accuracy of cleanliness is outstanding in Switzerland, which is the way a visitor might notice immediately.


Bern is also special because the old town is a World Heritage Site. The charming historic streets going, lots of sights, well meet many fancy, but definitely need to see the clock tower of the Münster Cathedral, the town hall, but several museums and the zoo is waiting for tourists.

Zurich in addition to Switzerland’s largest city, a major cultural point of view. During our trip, visit Grossmünster after the Town Hall, which was built in Romanesque style, and the Fraumünster, which was decorated with lovely stained glass windows by Marc Chagall. The most famous street not be left out, which is none other than the Bahnhofstasse and the Swiss National Museum is also compulsory destination.

Lucerne is amazing and colorful little town, but not the only reason a popular destination for holiday-makers. The surrounding mountains and Lake Lucerne are made attractive. The Pilatus mountain in the world’s steepest cogwheel to get up and using the other side of a chair-lift, but of course you can climb, hike even if you feel like. On the mountain, the lake greets us Pilatussee looks stunning. City on the north coast and the calm blue Lake Lucerne. Almost hiding wrap yourself in the high Alps trajectories. One of the most beautiful cities in Switzerland. Not by chance.

Because of the continent’s largest and most powerful waterfall, not its height (23 meters), 125 meters wide but the thundering water yield impressive. In late spring, during the snowmelt scariest.

It is also a cultural center for more than 30 museums in Geneva. Otherwise, usually referred to as the city of hills and waters, it is no accident. The mountains and Lake Geneva, in the magnificent countryside is unforgettable.

Consider the Opera House, the Old Town with lots of things to see. The Lake Geneva region is a verdant paradise on earth. Breathtaking landscapes, Lausanne, Geneva and medieval castles to guarantee the surprising discovery experience.

Chain Bridge Trift glacier

The Alps are the longest and highest pedestrian suspension bridge, built in 2004, that the climbers of travelers to connect to the world of glaciers.

St. Moritz is one of the world’s most famous resorts. Stylish, elegant and exclusive, cosmopolitan atmosphere – more than 1,856 meters above sea level. Dry, sparkling climate is legendary.

Jungfraujoch & Schilthorn

All travel culmination of Swiss Jungfraujoch. Especially to the railway station 3454 meters above sea level. The view is indescribable.

Switzerland many attractive city travel destination, since the underlying towns at the foot of the mountains, beautiful lakes, alpine scenery provide an unforgettable experience that once in Switzerland go, be sure to return.
Perfect target, the ski season begins very early in the winter, too, the ski slopes every need.

The Swiss Alps is one of the world’s most trigger emotions scenery, fabulous views. Winter and summer fun, I mean the skiers, snowboarders, hikers and mountaineers.
Switzerland provides incredibly high quality of life, and therefore temporarily ineligible for travelers. Transport is fast and accurate, unbeatable infrastructure, security sufficiently good.

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