Thailand, Bangkok

The desire has to travel, who dreams of distant, exotic travel, but there is no destination is established, we recommend first target Thailand. Thailand is the place where tourists will find everything you need for a meaningful adventuring.

Exotic Eastern culture, beautiful architectural monuments, Buddhism, hiking north from civilization tribes living in isolation, wonderful islands to the south. At a distance of a few meters from the incredible cavalcade of unprecedented colored fish, molluscs, corals. People are friendly, helpful and always smiling.

The tourists mainly churches, ruins and spas attract and Bangkok nightlife.
Thailand Southeast Asia’s third-largest country, India’s middle-rear part away. West and north-west Burma, northeast and east, Laos, Cambodia, South East, bordering Malaysia to the south.

Thailand’s surface

1800- 2500 m high mountains in the north, the central portion of the charged Menam- plain and hilly countryside around it. This plain is called in Thailand “rice bowl”, because in the best of conditions in the rice production. Khor 200-300 meters high in the east – plateau, 1,300 meters in the south and west is surrounded by high mountain ranges. Southern Thailand on the Malay Peninsula, only a 40-50 km wide isthmus.


Thailand tropical weather prevails. From November to February in the northern monsoon blows cool period. The average temperature in December in Bangkok from March to mid-May to 25.5 C in the hot season. The April average temperature of 30 C in Bangkok from May to November is the rainy season, caused by the southwest monsoon. The temperature difference between the seasons is very low, however, the greater between the day and night. South of the country in the second half of the year is often devastating typhoons.