Visiting Singapore

Singapore South East Asia Malaysia’s southern border, not far away from the equator.
With more than five million inhabitants, to develop rapidly over the past few decades witnessed.

Singapore, the most developed city in many places of the planet is recognized as because of the very high quality of life index, and this is one of the world’s fastest growing economies, the five richest countries of the planet.

The Republic of Singapore is 700 km2 situated in the southern part of the Malay Peninsula. Due to the small area Earth’s one of the most densely populated country. The population of over 5 million Chinese, Thai, Malay and Indian people make, especially in English, Malay, Mandarin speaking, Buddhist, Muslim, Christian and Hindu religion is practiced.

Singapore weather: climate of the country near the equator characterized by weather, no large temperature fluctuations, most of the year around average temperature 30fok experiencing and because of the tropical climate can be expected at any time, short-term nerve refreshing shower on. The number of hours of sunshine is very high, so it is suitable for the whole year of implementation of the Singapore vacation.

The rules, laws: very strict, and the enforce also a lot of attention. Very seriously the environmental pollution, littering in public places is prohibited, null, spitting, smoking cigarettes. The toilets in public places dirty premises Failure is punished.

The use of drugs and possession of drugs up death penalty can be punished by the Singapore authorities. The effect is a deterrent laws of the lowest in the world at the lowest of the crime and corruption.

Buying prices: Prices of Singapore, is very high compared to the prices in Thailand. Singapore, one of Asia’s most expensive city.

Merlion: Since 1972, the Singapore River Estuary resplendent symbol of the city, this is a mixture of fish and lion statue was formed.
Singapore’s Formula 1 track, and in 2008 organized the first electric light Formula 1 race. The big prize, the Valencia race through the streets like clash the troops. Each year, are held in September.

Jurong Bird Park: a magnificent animal park where more than 1,500 bird species live, unique owls, flamingos, parrots. A rainbow of color bear all birds up close quarters can be admired. The park is also a specialty of 30m high waterfall.

Jurong Park: Located opposite the Jurong Bird Park is home to more than 100 reptile zoo.
Night Safari: evening offers visitors a vast territory after 7:30. The park is more than 100 different species, including tigers, hyena, giraffe, lion, rhino, meet. A can park on foot and some by train to get around during the night.

National Orchid Garden: in huge quantities can be found in the city-state beautiful national flower. By breeding a unique, eye-catching compositions enchant visitors.
Padang cultural center of this territory for most of the year, cultural, social and sporting events are taking place. Here you will find Tam Kim Seng beautiful fountain and several monuments, including war memorials as well.
China Town is located in the southern part of the city-state of Singapore River cut the rest part of. Skyscrapers, office buildings, hotels, shopping malls, banks, catering units are situated in the financial and commercial district of the mainland.

Singapore, Marina Bay Sands

One of the most unique city in Singapore in Southeast Asia.
Singapore attractions are difficult for a two-stress wonder follow one after another during the day. The high-tech city center buildings, Marina Bay Sands Hotel in view from the top. Skyscraper top three will be transferred to a vessel forming a huge terrace.

The Singapore River Beautiful house lines of buildings historical the British during the period of colonization, the Raffles Hotel. The beautifully restored Chinatown, the equally handsome Indian and Malay Quarter district, Orchard Road (where more than 20 huge plaza, supermarket are next to each other in the garden botanical unforgettable exotic vegetation which the most beautiful part of the National Orchid Garden.

Gardens by the Bay, beautiful sights

The objective of the new Government of Singapore anywhere else in the world could be an empty promise, but the small city-state renowned for their driving him to do what He decided to do it is applied. Designed to be a garden city. The city also has plenty of beautiful parks waiting for recreation, but these were only completed last year, compared to the vegetable gardens Gardens by the Bay Projecta.

The 101-hectare park, built on reclaimed land from the ocean, piece of land behind the Marina Bay Sands hotel. The department called the South Bay will give the home simply called super trees constructions, which are floodlit at night bow down and weaken the park is most reminiscent of Martian landscapes.

The 16-storey, 200 different kinds of plants, more than covered structures in addition to being incredibly spectacular, useful also provide shade and cold, the plants as well as solar energy and collect rainwater for their gardens.

The vast park system quarters of a million different plant species can be found, arranged in thematic gardens. Learn about the tropical vegetation, but due to the huge, boldly curved glass house Cloud Forest still meet above sea fauna is 2000 meters away. Beneath the hood, man-mountain lift takes you up and down descend two different routes. The Flower Dome Like a modern glass house, which, however, takes us to a completely different area: Due to the Mediterranean climate, including South Africa, California, Italy and Spain colorful flowers to admire.

Singapore Flyer in Singapore

In 2008 they finished their sightseeing in Singapore observation wheel well. It reached up to 165 meters away from the wheel of the world’s highest peak point of good weather you can see the whole metropolis, already belonging to Indonesia, Bintan Island and Malaysia border areas as well.
You can sit in one of the 28 air-conditioned capsules 28 people.

The wheel counterclockwise originally made the 30-minute turnaround, but this is the advice of feng shui masters changed shortly after the inauguration. The bottom of a multi-story entertainment center.

The Singapore Flyer at Marina Bay in the south-eastern tip of hits.
Singapore is almost impossible to present the sights. PEGylated should travel there and admire your own eyes this indescribable miracle.

 Take a trip to Singapore!

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