The world’s population is almost one quarter of the world’s largest economy is moving toward divorce, and everyday consumer products generates a considerable proportion.
China is the world’s oldest continuous civilization, which in antiquity was a territorial and cultural unity, and the date is very common. Many in Europe only learned much later invention (compass, paper, printing, gunpowder, and porcelain, silk) was already known in ancient times in China.

China is now the world’s third-military, the economic potential of a second, the world’s most populous nation (population 1.3 billion), but the population is now operating as a result of regulatory programs will soon become a must from this rank. A significant ethnic Chinese living in different parts of the world, mainly in Southeast Asia and the developed western countries.

China’s tourism dominant in the world of tourism. The number of tourist arrivals in 2005, the fourth, counting the receipts was the sixth in the world. Recently also the most dynamic development in East Asian countries is produced.

China in brief

– The amazing historical and cultural treasures set, that can be learned from one of the main ridge of human civilization, to see that a lot of what will soon be the world’s most powerful
– An amazing experience to see the Great Wall
– If you are clever about tourism, it can be quite inexpensive to come to the daily budget,
– To discover that much of Chinese cuisine, there are many different and exciting strand is
– The hidden recesses of spend time, crawling in the Forbidden City
– See a little bit of old Beijing remained part of the hutong
– Xi’an was on bike rental bike along the city walls, and of course the terracotta warriors

– The surprise is that not all Chinese surly towards strangers
– Shanghai Bund street of colonial buildings, and the French Quarter
– Air and environmental pollution is terrible, the metropolitan smog
– The mass of people in this dimension has been nerve-racking, bus, subway travel during rush hour
– Spitting in the street, croak, the constant stench of cigarettes, the Chinese style of speech is too loud, a lot
begging, the pushing, shoving, rude,
– Public lavatory ugly, is not safe to drink the tap water
– Language difficulties with the locals, especially outside the big cities
– The distances are too great touristic places in the country for processing
– The simlis taxi drivers, aggressive drivers, the pickpockets in crowded places
– Add up to plenty of tourists traveling individually complications, difficult obstacles
– Outside China somehow tastes better Chinese food
– To keep staring at the tourists, sometimes even follow it.

But, it is worth Appeal to travel to China as a very different culture awaits tourists than what I was used.

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