Cyprus trip

Cyprus mix of Turkish, Greek, Muslim and Christian influences can be felt in everyday life. Crusader fortresses and ancient vineyards brush against each other in the shadow of the frescoed monasteries citrus groves flourish.

>The eastern basin of the Mediterranean Sea lying island’s climate is almost unique in the whole world. For the visitor’s pleasant Mediterranean climate throughout the year received. Here, even the people is radiating from the sun. The sea sports and sun lovers paradise, this island is almost as three hundred days of sunshine per year can be made. He who is fond of history and archeology, certainly many unique objects found among the treasures of local museums. In the major cities you can find elegant boutiques and street bazaar stalls large selection of both East and West treasure. Cyprus, no one can be aware of what fable is and what is reality, since according to legend the birthplace of Aphrodite, the goddess of love and beauty. You can explore the island’s beauty and culture!
Founded 31 years ago, it is located in the northern and north-eastern part of the island of Cyprus. Relation to Northern Cyprus we can speak of a place where time has stopped and where the idyllic landscapes include slowed villages and a quiet, peaceful, unspoilt beaches, and that majestic Crusader castle and the mountains with great views calling us.


The remote, green, mountainous landscape is home to the small town of Lefke, where the lush citrus groves and sultanas trees are beautiful views of the sea. A wonderful historic town, where the most beautiful examples of traditional architecture meet, including historic mosques, and this is the only place in Cyprus where Jaffa oranges are grown.

The 143-mile trail that leads through the mountain village Kyrenia, North Cyprus is one of the best-kept secret to hide. We observe wild animals during the trip and admire the environment around us, and at the end of our trip reveal a very Hilarion Castle of the Holy.

Originally a monastery built in the 10th century still robust, high castle with turrets, which are elegantly occupies a dramatic location on a high and steep rocky crag at the very top.

In the north-west of Cyprus, a small town surrounded by citrus. The citrus growing celebrity and to be held every year and the two-week Festival of Orange due. As the traditional center of town has a nostalgic view of the architecture has been preserved in excellent condition, including the city’s beautiful old church, and you can taste a bit of the traditional Cypriot life. Since practically forms a gateway to Northern Cyprus greenest area, it may want to organize ideal base for exploring the area.

The picturesque, often called the jewel of Cyprus only, Kyrenia. Kyrenia on the northern coast away. The small town has unique, specific Venetian style, a beautiful harbor and magnificent 16th-century castle is. In the harbor near the small local fishing boats and large yachts bright resting next to the beach is hidden in a wonderful cafes. Wherever you look, everywhere leak in history, it has long been mainly from the unused warehouses used to store carob tree. Kyrenia harbor is a great place for hiking and admire the stunning views of the Mediterranean Sea views.

Karpas Peninsula

The north-east of the underlying, sparsely populated area, famous for its wild donkey outstanding natural beauty and fabulous unspoilt landscapes has. The 70 km stretch of beach area clean beaches, fields of flowers lie. In rural villages, where residents still live in the traditional way, we catch a glimpse of ancient temples and of course wild donkeys too. Due to road improvements in the last swimming beaches easily accessible to hikers and vacationers.

Golden Beach is also located in the Karpas peninsula, but special mention must be made. Northern Cyprus is arguably the most beautiful, unspoiled beaches can talk about where we can enjoy the golden sands and hidden behind sand dunes and crystal clear water in the gentle waves of sight. Because wild and unspoiled nature, the breeding of endangered sea turtles is home.

The small villages built on hills of olive groves, pine forests and lush slopes of the Kyrenia range surrounded by mountains. One of the village’s ancient villages which have not been renovated, so completely preserved traditional atmosphere.

Apart from a few shops and restaurants worth visiting our old Christian church of the village, which today functions as the local’s mosque. The fantastic panorama unfolds before us we cannot leave out.


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