Mexico trip

Wonderful beaches, exciting cities, above and below water wildlife magical, mystical Mayan monuments, colorful coral reefs, all contribute to enrich the experience of a lifetime, who chose the venue to rest Mexico and the Yucatan Peninsula!

Here, life is just as spicy and passionate as the agave cooked jalapeno peppers and tequila. The same fire emanates from the country’s culture, history and natural history of it. The attraction of the modern and the traditional, every day and the surreal, the old and the new harmonic elements mixing lies.

Mexico is located in the southern part of North America, the western shores of the Pacific Ocean, bounded on the east coast of the Gulf of Mexico and the Caribbean Sea. Mexico travel in the realm of ancient cultures, so if you want to explore the Mayan empire thousands of years of exceptional cultural heritage, do not miss this magical experience! Mexico, north of prairie and desert sand lies very exciting aspects of weather and terrain, dotted with rainforest south. The natural conditions are amazing: Mexico about 25 thousand protected plant and animal species.

A trip to Mexico’s sandy beach sections alternate with the enchanting beauty of the islands, mountains, volcanoes, lush rainforests and jungles. Mexico honeymoon, wedding venue is a great choice. Mexico’s most popular holiday destinations in the Yucatan Peninsula, Cancun, which is great trips to the ancient Maya cities (Chichen Itza, Tulum, Uxmal). The Mexican coat of arms of the ancient Aztec myth reflects the crest of a prickly pear sitting eagle bird listed, which holds in its beak a snake, according to legend, the Sun God wanted the capital to be where there is a cactus-set serpent holder eagle designate.

Mexico – Sights and attractions

There are few destinations in the world, which could provide a diversity of tourists and travelers alike, as Mexico. It may seem trite words turnaround, but this country is really true: here everyone can find an appropriate range of recreational opportunities of interest. Acapulco and Cancun endless sand spit, one of the world’s largest city, Mexico City’s Aztec and Mayan ruins as well as provide all other kinds of entertainment.

In addition to the gastronomy lovers will get their money in Hungarian cuisine is very similar, yet exotic delight of local dishes. The excellent restaurant for lunch and induced any better live mariachi band.

An artist’s studio in Oia, Santorini

In Mexico, the unfortunate fact is that worth seeing the ruins of two main areas, Mexico City and around the Yucatan Peninsula are located. Many people also visited the country a few days to spend in the capital, which roam around the area’s sights and fly over the peninsula one recreation paradise- most Censorship – and from there to discover the most important Mayan and Aztec cities.

It is important to mention that Mexico City’s public safety wild west quotes from movies and this is especially true if you are a white man mistaken for famous worse quarters. Therefore, the best way of discovering Mexico City group, organized tour or hiring a personal guide. Such people who have serious local knowledge, and the traveler takes his own car around the city and the surrounding area, it is easy to find since Mexico City South America has one of the largest Hungarian colony.

Top 10 attractions

Mexico City

The pulsating metropolis itself offers a lot of experience, which is not surprising when you consider its sizeTherefore, the only available time to decide what to look at, because the sights never run out!
If only one or two days there, be sure to check out the Angel of Independence (Angel de la Independencies), the city’s main square, the Zocalo and on the stunning cathedral and the National Palace of Culture and the three spaces. The Zocalo will almost certainly see original attire dancing celebrating the Indians, who also cleaned out good money to us from the demons.


Mexico City is located close to the most important place of pilgrimage for Christianity in the Americas, which consists of three beautiful church. The smallest is the most important religious point of view, since it was built in the place where the Virgin Mary appeared to an Indian boy.

One Guadelupe II. John Paul also visited, and that a huge statue of Pope used the mobile evidenced in Mexico, which today can be viewed on the site. Many Mexicans say the commitment to religion, to visit the Holy Father’s Day across the government declared a public holiday because it was known that no one is going to work when you see the Pope in person. On the occasion of Guadelupe they built a huge temple, where tens of thousands of believers cerebrals before Mass the Holy Father, but it still does not fit all pilgrims.


If you’re wondering what could be a real old colonial city and we love silver jewelry, then by all means let us go into this wonderful little town, which is easily accessible by car from the capital. Taxco is close to two thousand meters is surrounded by mountains and the town itself is located on a high peak. It has remained virtually unchanged since its founding in 1522 this is the township, which is the area’s popularity owes silver mine. At one time it was a significant part of the area of the world’s silver production. Of course, in the city today are packed with shops where local artisans are sold with beautiful jewelery.

Taxco’s main square is located at the highest point of the city, but due to the magnificent cathedral is worth to walk far higher. The comfortable can make use of the small local buses, which in themselves constitute a spectacle. These are models that are not produced in Europe or forty years ago, but in Mexico the perfect parts supply, so almost appear worn to this day. Taxco is located in one of the bars, which is supposed to be named Margarita cocktail was invented.


Its climate is due to the city of eternal spring called this settlement, which is one of the oldest in Mexico. Have they lived here in 1200 BC people. Although Cuernavaca itself does not offer too many sights worth it to take a rest here in Taxco when we return from the capital. Definitely worth checking the Palacio Cortes, built by the Spaniards destroyed Aztec pyramids in their place. Also impressive sight of the Cathedral de la Asuncion.


Already one of the most impressive sights of this ancient city, whose name means just because of the sheer size of it, “the place where men become gods.” The city’s past is still unclear, but it is certain that the Aztecs were already ready for this miracle. The area of two pyramids – the Pyramid of the Moon and Solar – dominated. The ancient city of floor space was 20 square kilometers and the trip to the Dead Moon Pyramid of the initial phase also identified several kilometers.

Though Teotihuacan buildings are not decorated, but was among the somber blacks and reflected sound awesome effect. The sun, standing at the foot of the pyramid really feel it – just like the Aztecs – not that this building are created. The measurements Researchers found that the Sun pyramid size is the same as those of the great pyramids of Egypt and that the works can be seen on the top of most of the city’s total area.


Mexico’s fourth largest city two hours’ drive from the capital. Puebla, a small jewelry box, which seems almost open-air museum. The Mexican tile manufacturing centers, and almost every major building and yard are decorated with Talavera tiles. Puebla in whole streets are under monument protection, so the houses original glory be seen.

Chichen Itza

The main topic of photographs made in Mexico – in addition to Teotihuacan – this is clearly the Yucatan Peninsula, amazing ruins. The image shows the most – mistakenly – identified Itza Chico El Castillo (Kukulkan Pyramid) is shown. The name is not correct, because Chico Itza in the old town – ruins today – the full name of which only one – but undoubtedly the most imposing – sight on the Castle (El Castillo).

This area is quite different from Teotihuacan, because while the former is situated on a barren plateau, while the seven new wonders of the world chosen Maya capital in the middle of the jungle. Given that buildings have been preserved in excellent condition, so the exploration and care is primarily confined to the jungle vegetation suppression.

Here Indiana Jones really does make you feel a traveler! Another important difference between the two ruins, Chichen Itza buildings that not only made an impression on us with their size, but also incredible development of. On these magnificent stone building on each richly decorated with carvings.


Despite the great distance of this wonderful city so easily accessible from the resort – on the Yucatan peninsula best motorway runs between Cancun and Merida – while affected Chichen Itza. Merida is not famous Aztec or Mayan ruins. This vibrant city is the most beautiful buildings of the time of the conquistadors, in the middle of the 1500s come. The beautiful colonial style here mixed with the local tastes of both the buildings and the best things imbued.

The most beautiful sights of the Plaza Grande (main square) is located in the Palacio Municipal de San Ildefonso and the Cathedral. Be sure not to miss the Museo Regional de Antropologia sumptuous collection that presents objects from the area rom cities, including Uxmal found in the Jaguar throne.


Difficult to establish order between Mexico and especially archaeological wonders of the Yucatan, but there is no doubt that Uxmal also carry out such an upscale place in top. The local buildings decorated proportions and produce really nice. The two most prominent attractions of the area and the Prophet nunnery pyramid. The latter is reminiscent of Chick Itza’s El Castillo was on, but not a square floor plan, but oval.

Also impressive is the mysterious pigeon, after which it got its name form. The strange names – such as Central and South America in so many places – arise from the conquering Spaniards often had no idea of each building’s original destination, and gave them fancy names based on their shape.


The Mayan and Aztec ruins of magnificent gray stone background for the startlingly blue sky subtropical. It would be more beautiful sight? Well, yes you can. Tulum rom area background of the endless blue of the Caribbean Sea. The city’s name means fortress but this was probably the Spaniards. Original name probably Zama (dawn) was referring to the eastern orientation. It included a field of Tulum is El Castillo, which is over the sea, at the peak of a towering crag. This building was used every era landmark for astronauts. The Spaniards found that rivaled the size of Tulum colonial-era Seville’s.

The most beautiful beaches

Cancun (Peninsula resorts frequented by the hotel zone or part) of a continuous 23 kilometer beach, covered with the finest white sand. However, the northern part of the peninsula is so much quieter in peace those who wish to Playa Linda, Playa Langosta, Playa Tortugas and Playa Chacmool recommended.

Also in the area are wonderful beaches of Playa del Carmen, but it is worth mentioning Akumal, Xel-Ha and Tulum to Playa too.

The other big resort town of Acapulco bay overlooking the Pacific Ocean, so here we cannot see the white sand beaches, but the scenery is no less spectacular! The 7 kilometre-long sand here.

Playa Honda, Playa Larga and Playa Catching up more Manzillo were in their 30s, 40s, and Playa Hornos and – Hornitos is very crowded on weekends.

Today most beaches in Acapulco Playa Condesa, which is a gathering place for young people.


Mexico-distance transport through an extensive network of domestic flights and by long-distance bus services carried. Sparse, and the lines most of the rail network is used exclusively for freight transport. All major cities have a bus station. The service is provided by private companies, which are similar to the airport or railway stations are present in the offices where the tickets be purchased.

Mexico City International Airport and the nearby larger cities (Cuernavaca, Pachuca, Puebla, Queretaro, Toluca, ) starting long-distance flights. At the airport taxi stand (near metro) station and car rental agencies can be found.
In the capital of local transport by bus, subway and taxi happening. The bus is cheap, but uncomfortable and cramped. The bus can be virtually anywhere admonish and likewise almost anywhere request from the driver to stop.

The bus route is shown positioned behind the glass table which contains the routes affected by the major stops, subway stations name. Ticket, no ticket, the fare to be paid to the driver. Taxis are one that does not have taxi meters is recommended to the driver when boarding the compromise regarding the fare. Mexico City’s metro system is good and cheap. Nine of the line and with the two subway train (line A and B) and the surface subway (tren liger) practically spread all over the city. Some lines during rush hours (morning and late afternoon hours) for men and women and children are traveling in separate cars.


Mexico, the dry season lasts from late October to early April. During the dry season in Mexico City and around the Yucatan Peninsula rare rain, a lot of sun.

More precipitation occurs only in the south, in Chiapas State (14-day cruise). From November to March the state of Chiapas and Yucatan Peninsula, peak temperatures around 28-30 ° C can be expected. Mexico City and surrounding areas over 2,000 meters above sea level, there is peak daytime temperatures are around 20 ° C. Because of this almost continuous sunshine is warm, cozy feel to the tourists.

In the evening and night in Mexico City in turn cools the air, the temperature can drop below 10 ° C. Typical of the Caribbean region of the hurricane season (which also affect the Cancun area) lasts from early September to late October.

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