A very popular destination for Europe in Amsterdam, where more than 4 million of people every year. The river is known beer of the same name was built centuries ago, Amsterdam was just a small fishing village.

Amsterdam, the Netherlands capital, but the seat of government is located in The Hague.

Transport in Amsterdam

If you are traveling to Amsterdam, you can use a bicycle! There is no other city where many see a cyclist on the road at the same time. It is no coincidence, really anywhere you can get on a bike in the city. Amsterdam rent a bike at several points, and at another point down speech bubbles. Of course, if it starts to rain, you cannot bike is the best option. Then climb aboard a boat, because the channels can get around the whole city, almost like Venice. In many places, the houses were built over the canals, during which ebb and flow of “dancing”. Of course, only slightly swayed from side to side.

Sightseeing in Amsterdam

In Amsterdam trip is not without attractions, water ashore to look at what is possessed in the city. The main computer differ Dam Square is the Royal Palace. Amsterdam is located in the world’s oldest stock exchanges. The city is full of museums better and better; Rijks museum; Van Gogh Museum; Anne Frank’s house one time, which is now a museum; or even the Heineken Museum, Heineken Brewery, which is the first building built.

He knew that the diamonds city of Amsterdam? The Gassan Diamonds can get free driving around every day of the week, and become familiar with the Amsterdam diamond history.
The city quarter of gladness, also known as the red light district of Amsterdam tourist attractions for travelers, offered them not only the consumers of illegal amusements, but for those interested in the mood.

Food and beverages Amsterdam

If you are traveling to Amsterdam, then most likely to encounter fish dishes like pickled herring, salt and smoked or oysters and mussels. The restaurants are usually garnish you can choose a lot of vegetables, because they are of high quality in all seasons.
Do not miss the chocolate and marzipan Dutch delicacies supply in any way during the trip to Amsterdam. All sorts of sweet and savory pancakes are served after the donuts and cakes.

Programs in the Dutch capital

It should go out of the way during the Vondel Park Amsterdam, where throughout the summer outdoor activities await the visitors. Will be held in the outdoor pavilion stage or orchestral concerts is free. The theater is also seen on stage. Another sight is the statue of the poet Vondel park name of tax. If you are traveling with children, the Vondel park more fun on the playground in the tiny and Wednesday afternoons for children also give presentations on stage. And if you just sit down on a bench and take over the Amsterdammers feeling of the Vondel park, it is also a good choice.

Blijburg the end of August, the artificial beach is also cool off, or drop by a restaurant bar where you can enjoy dinner in addition to pleasant music. If you travel between August 24 and 26 in Amsterdam, participate in cultural events of the year Uitmarkton held that the national cultural overture season. Nearly half a million residents and visitors traveling from Amsterdam to 3 days of presentations, actions, concerts, work-shop for. Each year, it presents 250 cultural institutions and programs offered by the following year, as well as approx. 100 publisher presents the latest books.

If April 30, the Dutch Queen’s birthday all over the country at the national level, to orange hide.

In this case, massive street parties are waiting for the younger and those over as well. Book on time because of the great interest, the best places to run out soon.

Amsterdam weather

The Dutch capital’s fickle weather, you cannot say for sure that was what the weather will be during the trip to Amsterdam. In general, however, we can say that beautiful summer days are around 25 ° C, but with a little rain can fall at any time. Many Amsterdammers can be seen in the hands of an umbrella on a sunny day to walk around, it’s the fact that when the summer rains in the morning, then the rest of the day is likely to bake in the sun.

Amsterdam Attractions

Amsterdam attractions in the range of color receive the visitors. Everyone can find the right one interest. The main attractions are its museums, such as the Rijk Museum and the world-famous Van Gogh Museum, which boast an annual turnover of several million. In addition, many other interesting features specifically Amsterdam, there is such a museum or Sex and Marijuana Hashish in the red light district museum. The city’s romantic atmosphere of a spa life, diversity of channels of buildings of historic importance in many captivate everyone’s heart.

Red Light District

Many visitors is causing the biggest surprise. A kind of sexual amusement park. Most striking feature of the quarter itself is pretty explicit. The famous red lights are illuminated on the canal-side houses and bridges are illuminated in red high degree of tolerance Amsterdam’s famous and not be an exception to this rule prostitution is not. The government decided to divert to the legal framework for prostitution. Girls behind the window in the same way they pay taxes like everyone else. Many female student pursues this craft, which then can finance their studies. This is worth a visit after dark, because then life begins here. Lots of Peepshow, sex shop, coffee shops and bars here. In addition to the girls the most interest in the Casa Rosso, which is a pretty hefty entrance to steer clear of sex-theater. The district has an “odd one out” streets, where, if we pay attention a little bit more, you can see that the girls are not as girls. Although in theory the area is safe, so be careful when a quieter street We go into. The lady behind the window to take photographs is strictly prohibited. Please keep this also, in order to avoid any possible dissension.

Rembrandt Square

The former XIX. century butter market, which is now the Rembrandt Square bars, hotels, has grown into a chain of restaurants, hence a magnet for tourists. The nightlife is also a popular venue. In summer, the terraces are packed full of longing for refreshment, bystander people. In the middle of a small but pleasant park, where, retiring man or admire the statue of Rembrandt. One street from the square Regulierbreestraat 26-28 during a remarkable building, located in the Tuschinski cinema, which was built in 1921 in Art Deco style. The locals are one of my favorite movies.


One green dot in the city south of Amsterdam, a 5-minute walk from Leidseplein, Rijksmuseum in 10 minutes, and the Van Gogh Museum. 10 million annual turnover Holland’s most famous park. Many people go to relax tourists, couples, those who want to bask in the sun, families, runners. The park is about. 2 km long, so get plenty of space for everyone.

Albert Cuyp Market

One of the most famous and busiest outdoor market in Europe. Each year attracts thousands of visitors, especially on Saturdays. More than 300 stalls here. Starting with fresh vegetables from the clothes through the most amazing things all can be found here. One butcher-counter Gyulai sausage and Pick salami yet also can be found. Many gourmet accountable abound, eat herring, a real Dutch cheese, vegetables, fruits. In addition, Amsterdam is one of the cheapest markets in Hungary. Closed on Sundays, other days it is open every other 17 hours in the afternoon. If you want to buy food, it is worth before closing approx. half an hour to arrive, as it causes much less of certain goods can be obtained.

Amsterdam canals

Many visitors wonder at the sight of the immense amount of water. Amsterdam is not by chance called the Venice of the North. Because of this, a visit to Amsterdam is not complete without a cruise. The living room is quiet and cruise shows us an interesting side of the city, the evening was magical and romantic side unfolds before our eyes, which contributes greatly to the floodlit buildings and bridges sight of. The four main canal the Prinsengracht, Herengracht, Keizersgracht and Singel.Cruises can be deposited in different parts of the city, the most deserving Centraal Station or the Damrak elbow to make use of the specialized companies. Most boat tours around. Take the tour going for 30 minutes in 4 languages: English, German, French and Dutch. In case of right time adventurous and hire a pedal boat and explore the channels themselves.


One of Amsterdam’s vibrant night-life center. The street leading to the city, the Leidsestraat worth to have a look if you want to go shopping. Warm summer evenings are both eager to spend their time locals and tourists, the local terraces. Often we can meet in the street musicians, showmen, fire-eater and other performers. Locals also love visiting this area, although some people consider typical tourist center.

Waterloo Square Market

The Waterloo-air market specifically about the tourists, a lot of used stuff, souvenir leather jacket, book, record, wooden articles found. This market is much less than the Albert Cuyp market, the advantage is that in the center. In its price varies greatly, but you may want to bargain. Closed on Sunday all other days are open 17 hours in the afternoon.

Rembrandt House

He lived here in the house of the famous Dutch painter, in 1639 and 1659. Below the Jodenbreestraat 4 numbers, one street from Waterloo Square Market. It operates as a museum, which presents the artist’s life. It is open daily until 9-16.

Flower Market

The market is open every day of flowers, plants, flower seeds and other souvenirs are all located.
Madame Tussaud’s wax museum

The wax museum in London created designs for many famous people with other life-like encounter, as well as insight into the history of the Netherlands as well. The hefty ticket: 23 Euros will be.

Amsterdam is the main attractions are its museums, such as the Rijk Museum and the world-famous Van Gogh Museum, which boast an annual turnover of several million. In addition, many other interesting features specifically Amsterdam, there is such a museum or Sex and Marijuana Hashish in the red light district museum.

The city’s romantic atmosphere of a spa life, diversity of channels of buildings of historical significance captivate everyone’s heart.

Amsterdam, excellent destination for tourists.