Sicily trip

Sicily is the largest island in the Mediterranean Sea, offers plenty of attractions for an active vacation lovers.

Spring, summer and early autumn is well suited to travel around the “island of sun”, Sicily. Goethe had already written off the island, “… cannot be a true picture of Sicily without Italy. Here’s the key to everything”

Catania trip

Catania, 30km away from Mount Etna.
The city has many attractions for example. Piazza Del Duomo – Baroque World Heritage buildings of the famous Fontana dell’Elefante Lava stone statue of Sant ‘Agata cathedral. Catania in Sicily is located in the best-preserved Roman Theater.

Messina and Cefalu

Messina, Messina Strait lies along the north-eastern corner of the island. Walk with the old town of Messina, Messina, check out the dome, the Annunziata dei Catalani Santissima church Montorsoli Fontana d’Orione fountain.
Let us continue to Cefalu, a charming resort on the Tyrrhenian coast. Ancient monuments include the Roman baths, cathedral worthy of the memory of Norman architecture. If time permits, let us go up to the mountain top – La Rocca, which even today are the Saracen castle ruins, with a beautiful view. Cefalu is very nice on the beach, here is worth a dip in the sea.



Palermo, the mafia is not only famous for the city, very nice Palermo Cathedral, which was a mosque until 1135. The Archeologico Regionale Museo Museum, a major Etruscan, Carthaginian, Greek and Roman collection.
Palermo taste the local cuisine, there is no better place for this than the Piccolo Napoli Restaurant. Sicilian delicacies can also be obtained in the capital, almonds and marzipan sweets made by them along the lines of real fruit or pasta Corleone. The Sicilian delicacies also include the arancini. rice dumplings fried mozzarella, or canola, pastry, filled with sweet ricotta.

Corvo Bianco fits well with the excellent Sicilian white wine.
The walk, there is no better place than the Orto Botanico, the botanical garden in the cool palm-lined promenades Palermo, where parrots flying over our heads.
If you want to sunbathe and swim in the sea, you can go to Mondello – Palermo beautiful white sand and crystal clear waters of the beach.

Syracuse, Cicero, “the most beautiful of the greatest Greek city and all of them”. Old Town, Ortygia, a World Heritage Site. Famous ancient temple of Apollo relics of Hungary, which had once served as an Arab mosque; Ancient theater, which cavea (the wild animals were kept here) was the largest built by the Greeks. Next to the theater in the quarry, Latomie, where the prisoners were held, Ear of Dionysius cave, and a Roman amphitheater and of course the major points of interest Cathedral of Syracuse.


Noto, which is located in the southeastern part of the island, and is rightly known as the capital of Baroque Sicily. The XVII. Century completely rebuilt due to a devastating earthquake. To this day, it preserved late Baroque architectural features. The city boasts a number of beautiful churches, in number 35, tel.
Italy’s largest island of the pleasant seaside bathing, resting beside a lifetime experience is the sight of Etna.

Specialty of the island of Sicily step up to not one, but three immediately – Tyrrhenian, Ionian and Mediterranean – Sea washes the shores. At first sight, taking off the foot of the traveler who understands mint, why Goethe said so after visiting the island “cannot be fully understood without Sicily, Italy. All of this opens here. “

In addition to the island’s cultural relics rich in natural beauty is amazing, gorgeous beaches where palm trees, cacti work their magic, and even with the automobile roads and breathtaking Colourful scented oleanders. From the mainland at Reggio Calabria, the departing ferries to Messina, Catania Arriving by plane to get to the east side of the island.

Did he know that the ice cream started from Sicily to conquer the world?

Sicily is a good to very diverse.

Every city we’ve seen, we were a different character.

So, one will surely come in the way hikers.There is no better way than to target a city or a mediterranean island.