Greece, Chania

Chania, the world’s oldest inhabited settlements in Hungary, the most beautiful part of the Venetian harbor. On the coast more characteristic multi-colored, lined with colorful buildings.

The Venetian ramparts and churches along with some reminiscent of the old building is almost 250 years of Turkish occupation.
The harbor was once a scribbler, a massive tower guarding the invaders. Today, the scribbler of the Maritime Museum.

Venetian Bay at the end of the small lighthouse on the real jewel of the city, enjoyable to watch from the water, the harbor and the city.
The Byzantine Collection of Hania’s former domination of the year 1000 shows the cover and coin collections, jewelry, sculptures, mosaics and icons.
Chania market is also significant since the 19th century.

Local farmers’ products, fish, olives, herbs and spices can be purchased.
Crete is one of the most visited and second largest city of Chania. Crete coastline of the northern port city lying wonderful dichotomy owes its popularity is not just limited to the summer months. A Greek town to talk about where in addition to Turkish influence in Venice also left a deep impression, and where the city is divided into two parts. An old and a new one. The old part of the city’s historic buildings, charming streets and Venetian harbor captivates the visiting tourists, is located in one of the oldest, intact lighthouse of the world.

Also in the port of Chania is one of the attractions Giali Tzamisi
Chania’s most visited areas of the Splantzia Square, where the church of Agios Nikolaos and the Turkish times added 2 terraces built minaret goes up in the air. The church also built in the Venetian period, the 1300s and transformed by the Turks during the Turkish rule in their own image.
Chania has many hidden temple worth visiting all of them, great walks in the narrow streets of oleanders run, go up the hill Kasztelli, where the remains of the old fort are beautiful view unfolds before you. Gallery, maritime museum is also proud to offer the locals, but the heat Cretan do not forget the cool taverns.
The narrow streets, palm trees and oleanders in addition to a multitude of churches, squares, parks, cozy cafes, restaurants and better and better very interesting museums can fill out our day. Before sunset we get to bathe as well. We’ll give ourselves over to the multitude of tourists in the city and enjoy the atmosphere of the evening, the bazaars, the entertainments offered by the new part of the city and a number of evening entertainment experience.
An unusually attractive new part, where the chaotic traffic during the day can provide a typical Grecian, parks, plazas, entertainment and breast.
Chania port boat tours can also deposit and the surrounding area is easy to get to the most beautiful places in Crete, we admire the wealth of attractions that Crete has in store for the holiday.
Of course Crete is also true, as visited by tourists every other place to watch episodes all the sights, chalk back several times to travel, or a very long time to spend in Crete. This would also be true Chania.