Greece, Santorini

Have you seen the most beautiful sunsets in Greece? Locals believed the island to admire that. Visit me from Santorini.

The fairy-tale beautiful little island’s unique natural conditions created during volcanic activity. As a result, the crescent-shaped island inner coastline of steep, rocky, while the outer coastline of black volcanic sand and pebble beaches surrounded.
The internal settlements Seaside houses close to each other over the cliff wall were built. Breathtaking panoramic view of the visitors. Finally you can create your own photographs of the familiar blue and white churches domes. On the other side of the island to the bustling night life plays a major role. From spring to autumn from all over the world come here for tourists to admire the unique beauty of the island. Ideal for a romantic holiday, peaceful rest and ceaseless effervescence choice for those looking for. 

Santorini Holidays

The southernmost Cyclades, Santorini island of volcanic origin, Thira, vagyThéra what is sometimes referred to as an island of contrasts. Fabulous spectacle unfolds before our eyes, as Oia, Imerovigli, Firostefani and Fira sparkling white houses with blue church domes catch sight along the dark, steep crater (caldera). On the east coast, and Perissánál Kamarina are located in the sparkling Aegean Sea dark blue long lava beaches. Fira, the island’s capital of 600 snow-white staircase leads up the hillside from the harbor. From here we can do wonderful stroll along the edge of the caldera in nearby towns Firostefani and Imerovigli.
Fira, the island’s capital almost grown together with the neighboring city of Firostefani, where white and pastel-colored houses and hotels are located on the side of the caldera. The cities are scheduled buses to get to the island in different areas and bathrooms Oiába. Fira lies at the foot of the old port, where 600 steps on a donkey or cable car to get up to the city.
Kamari special place at the foot of huge rocks. The city long famous for its beaches dark gravel – bathing shoes are recommended – where the season can choose from a variety of water sport options.

After a pleasant day at the beach to relax at the beach promenade (no car traffic), this cozy taverns, restaurants, bars and discos. Fira, approx. 10 km away, buses take you to get to.
Perissa, the island’s second largest resort Kamaritól separated by a 369-meter high crag. 9 km long beach of Perissa right to classify the most beautiful places on the island in Hungary, where water sports enthusiasts can choose from several options. Located next to the beach, the lively promenade numerous shopping, bars and taverns attracts the visitors. Definitely worth a trip to the nearby old town of Thira ruins.
Santorini in Greece belonging to a circular group of volcanic islands in the Aegean Sea, the southernmost member of the Cyclades group of islands. South of the country, about 200 kilometers southeast of Athens. Santorini is essentially a powerful blast of volcanic remnant that destroyed the Georgian villages of the island and one that originally led to the current geological caldera formation. An area of 73 km². The island has traces of a huge volcanic explosion 3,500 years ago private guards, which blew the center of the island, creating an inner sea.
Spectacular beauty and lively nightlife of the island was one of the most attractive tourist destination in Europe. The island is one of the best known and most frequented tourist destinations in Europe. In the summer, from June to the end of August, more than a million tourists visit the island.

The rooms on the island of white eggplant, fava beans and a world-famous wines of the. The island is characterized by the Assyrtiko wine names. Because of grapes on the island is constantly blowing wind on the ground, basket shape spun grown. A wine characteristic taste of its volcanic rock. Major towns of Fira and Oia Thira, Kamari and Perissa. The main town of Fira abounds better and better restaurants, hotels, from cheapest the luxury category. Closing around the edge of the steep caldera wall rocking, typical, flat-topped houses are like right now if they wanted mired the cooling foams Hungary. The Orthodox Cathedral, is approaching from any direction, dominates the cityscape.
The dormant volcano crater rim were built not only houses, but also luxury restaurants and swimming pools. The promenade in front hotel row impressive spectacle unfolds before us.

Three hundred feet below the sea, we can see the ships from port, buzz around tourist buses.

I think Santorini is one of Greece’s most beautiful places in the world.
No coincidence that every year millions of tourists travel to Santorini, on vacation, to relax.