Croatia beach

Situated at the northern Croatian Adriatic island of Krk is the largest Adriatic island.

“Golden island” is also known as the sea is rich in fish, famous for its wine and sheep cheese produced here.
A holiday in Croatia is not the only goal, because in addition to swimming and relaxing on the beach becomes unforgettable due to numerous attractions and historical monuments of Croatian travel. Croatia fans will love the culture, because in addition to the beach to enjoy the sun, at any time, for example, trip or stumble into a medieval monument.
Croatia with its 56 538 m2 area and more than four and a half million inhabitants, every year millions of tourists to the popular destination.

Thanks to this unique natural endowments, the deep blue sea, built sand or natural rocky coastlines, famous for its almost untouched national parks, charming little cities Mediterranean climate and probably also play an important role. an average of 2,600 hours of sunshine.

The sea water temperature is 16-18 degrees Celsius in May, June, July and August 20-21, and 25-26 degrees in the sea water, which falls in September, only 22-23 degrees. The temperature, however, the climate is strongly influenced by the winds, which are mainly in the coastal areas and mountains are typical.
Croatia in the eastern part of the Pannonian plain is bordered by the southern part of the Adriatic Sea.
In Croatia, more than 1,100 islands are inhabited only 50 or so interesting discovery tours, trips we can do in these lands. Croatia, the Croatian language, but do not be afraid, because the tourist areas inhabited by perfect command of English, Italian or German language in general. KUNA pay a lot of places to Euro or credit card.

Krk island

Great beaches, clear seawater, lovely bays, wild romantic landscapes, pleasant town with a classy wine, sheep cheese, enjoy a Mediterranean climate, a lot of vacationers, many tourist services, linked to the mainland by bridge and easy to access. This is the essence of the island of Krk. Krk Island is not only the largest Croatian island, but tourism is the most developed. The development is particularly the case for the northern part of the island, which is providing transport links with the mainland by 1430 m long toll bridge. Based on the ancient Roman Name Golden island (Isola Aurea), also nicknamed the trendy, well-known in Krk.

Krk island is also valid for the high season (July and August) compared to the rest period of the year is completely different world, because of the enormous congestion. The island is not only tourists but also locals also a favorite. According to them, the atmosphere is so different compared to the rest of Krk’s northern and central Croatian holiday destination that many people organize their holidays here, whether it is to be 100 km or less from live. Krk island just rolling in good beaches. The best Croatian beaches on the island in two charts. on the south coast of the island, in the center of Baska village, 1800 meters away from the long mix of sandy and pebbly Vela Plaza, that the Grand Strand. Prima beach for children and non-swimmers.
Also in the top list in the stunningly beautiful, Stara Baska pebble beach. The island’s southwest coast is a beach because of the stunning natural surroundings so popular. Baska village near several very romantic bay it is possible to avoid the crowd bathe, sunbathe.

Outstanding news Zgribnica is called, is also the romantic atmosphere of the water park near the town Vrbnik, in the south-east of the island. One of the best sandy beaches on the Croatian coast is Krk island. On the east coast lies the Klimno Bay is a 400-meter-long beach, very suitable for families with children in shallow water. Baska and Punat area is excellent for surfing and sailing conditions. In addition to the prima beaches on the island of Krk there’s plenty to see. Baska enchantingly beautiful and full of restaurants, entertainment options, crooked, cute, cobbled streets. Although city of Krk is full of similarly charming parts of the city, but sometimes pretty big city, so Baska takes the cake in the charming town category.

Aerial view – Omis city in Croatia. between Adriatic sea, mountain Omiska Dinara and river Cetina

Gorgeous stuff compared to other Croatian island of Krk island is very advanced in the cycle path network. Along the island’s trip dozens of kilometers stretch of track is available separately for Cyclists. The island is concentrated unsuccessful excursion possibilities tourist paths is selected. Due to the location of the island of Krk is a good base for exploring the surrounding islands and not remotely interesting parts of the mainland. The Islanders (approx. 18 thousand) compared to those living in the small Croatian islands are more direct towards foreigners, obviously, because they are more accustomed to the mass of tourists.

Euro need to subscribe to the Krk bridge crossing. Not cheap, but as the bridge is an imposing edifice of looking at the man, as you can imagine, that so it may take a long time, and then pay off the construction costs. Already this section of road is spectacular, from the first glimpse of the sea, the island and the bridge itself. But crossing the hillside corridor railway line is, if we’re lucky, we can see that even the train is traveling. Arriving on the island of Krk bridge viaduct greeted us in a spectacular environment. Do not hurry through it, admire the landscape.

Beach and Beaches

The Northern Adriatic areas favorable for diving enthusiasts as well. Underwater diving sites in the majority ranges between 5 and 30 meters of visibility, water temperature and can be up to 27 degrees in summer.

Many people seize the opportunity to discover Krk island starting from the nearby islands of Cres, Lošinj, Rab. Good program offers even a visit to the small but beautiful Biserujka cave, the Soline bay. 110 meters long and 12 meters deep. The summer heat pleasant thing down 13-15 degrees. Punat super port city, sailboats and yachts gathering place for it, and here tramway water skiing, wakeboarding. The southern highlands is worth climbing the mountain range surrounding Baska, we admire a breathtaking view from the top.

The island is the best waterfronts in the north and south are in a gently sloping water feature.
In the northern towns Krk, Njivice, Omišalj is mainly the small pebbly beaches and developed a characteristic, while the southern cities (Stara Baska, Baska) of sandy, pebbled beaches are the most famous.
eastern cities of the island (Vrbnik and green) have both small pebbly, sandy and rocky beaches, so here is a family should go, where several generations have until the magnifying glass and the children of the small pebbly beach, sunbathe, while the larger brothers on the rocky portions diving.

The island’s southwestern cities (Punat, Krk) is built on the rocky beaches and famous. From here the view is very nice and incredibly clear water. Punat is a paradise for water sports enthusiasts.
Basket-i beaches in July, August are very crowded, but it is the case not be able to take away from the beauty and significantly.

Young children in a sandy bay Soline at. The gently sloping water, and the water is pleasantly warm in summer.
Specific experience Čižići colony’s seat of mud called Meline beach. A good spree rolls in the mud said to be medicinal and fun for everyone to black ‘. It is quite difficult to approach by car, but definitely worth it.
The West Coast, Glavotok area is a naturist beach. Besides, people claim that the nudists took possession of the naturally beautiful coastline. You should check this claim?


Krk is a holiday synonymous with carefree bathing and sunbathing.

The proposal is to shift through the island’s main settlements, try the local specialties and deposit at least one boat trip.