Montenegro trip

Montenegro, also known as CG (Translated Black Mountain), the small Balkan country to become a popular tourist destination today starts.

So far, they visited mainly Russians, but other Nazis slowly discover that the Adriatic is not equal with Croatia.

There are plenty of beauty for every one square kilometer
Montenegro most of all we need to know how small.
In this small area, however, an amazing amount of natural and man-made beauty is concentrated. The discovery minded tourists so there is an easy task, located within a short distance of all the attractions in Traverse easily solved.
A relatively sparsely populated mountainous country is concerned. Here you will find one of the last untouched jungle and deepest canyon in Europe, which in itself sounds exciting, so even if we add that Montenegro is a 293-kilometer-long Adriatic coastline is the ownership of knowledge. The mountains and sea lend a fascinating contrast in the landscape of the country.


Budva is in the center of Montenegro coast. Budva around a lot to see: Bay of Kotor, Lovcen, Sveti Stefan, Stari Bar.
Budva bustling town surrounded by huge mountains. According to the guidebooks capital of the Montenegrin tourism, which is probably true. Who does not like this kind of buzz, it might be better off if you are booking another town
Budva’s Old Town is really charming, especially in the evenings.
Budva and its surroundings not only hustle and bustle, but also famous for its excellent beaches, most of them are rocky or gravel.

Sveti Stefan, a popular holiday destination for the rich
Sveti Stefan in Montenegro countless thank-you postcard back, a small island for the jet his replacement holiday. Here in the nearby beaches and hotel bathe must reach deep into the wallet.

Located in Petrovac’s beach Do Perazića next to the pedestrian road leading to it offshore adventures. It must go through three tunnels where there is no lighting. One is so long that flashlight or cell phone without a flash only inch by inch we stumble and grope in the darkness. Otherwise the beach is not crowded, the water is clean.


The Bay of Kotor

Arguably the most beautiful part of the Bay of Kotor in Montenegro Coast.

If you Kotor, the Old Town Traverse base, but do not miss towering 260 meters above the city of St. John’s or fort. The road leading there is quite challenging (especially hot days), but the host spectacle above all fatigue compensate.
Speaking in Kotor, be sure to visit the city, 18 kilometers away PERASTRA. The picturesque location is no city engaging throughout Montenegro, from the port and we can cross the bay on one of two tiny island of fishing vessels, golden Madonna.

There are two places were near Budva, which is worth a trip. One of the Skadar Lake, the largest lake in the Balkans and that is also a national park. The lake area of Montenegro and neighboring Albania share. The lake’s unique natural conditions in a variety of nesting birds, pelicans still live here. Most of the lake is covered with water lilies.


The city went up to the top of Lovcen narrow, winding mountain road. The mausoleum built here rests II. Petar Petrovic Njegos, one of the most important figures in the history of Montenegro. This is evidenced by his final resting place, because the whole national hero from his country understands. Although nowhere near the highest point in the country, but more than 1,700 meters of altitude Lovćen man it feels as if it would be top of the world. Italy were supposed to be provided with clear weather.


Bar Montenegro’s largest port city. The settlement is the town of Bari in Italy gets its name because it is situated opposite the other side of the Adriatic as the crow flies point. The two cities are connected by regular ferry service.
Bar itself is not very attractive city, few kilometers away from the city old town, Stari Bar, but it is definitely worth a visit. The place is rather ruined city since it was built, then fleeing the Turkish army until 1878 ruined. Several buildings, including the clock tower and the aqueduct, water supply, however, survived in fairly good condition.

To be sure, as this small country is, the more beautiful, and a lot of sights and natural beauty boast. Do not always look for the well-known beaches, often because they can hide behind such gems as Montenegro.