In one of the most beautiful countryside in Turkey we would like to introduce you to the countryside, which is considered the home of not only the Greeks and the Romans, but already in the Stone Age man. These sites are the most popular for tourists.

Four beautiful places in the Turkish Riviera

if you desire not only sunlight but happy to roam from the ancient world survived the scenes, you can head to the south coast of Turkey! We can help, you should know where to start.

Increasingly popular holiday resort on the Aegean Sea and the Mediterranean, the beautiful coastline of the Mediterranean Turkish Riviera.

In addition to hospitality, especially the mild climate, the many cultural attractions, not least the crystal clear waters of the sea, which attracts millions of tourists every year.
Turkey’s southern coast is uniquely picturesque Mediterranean atmosphere, which is a rocky mountain ranges, bays scalloped beaches, palm grove of pine and, refreshingly lush fruit trees and turquoise waters are characterized. The winding coast and the mountains, surrounded by areas rich history and have plenty of attractions, offering numerous recreational opportunities. Of course, the cultural and culinary delights can also find their homage, as from the European taste traditional Turkish cuisine in all of the world can be found here. The only exceed by gastronomic experiences on top of the amazing hospitality of local people, which in itself is an exceptional experience enriches the visitors.


Popular destination in the southern part of the Aegean Sea on the Bodrum Peninsula, located opposite the Greek island of Kos, Bodrum. The small fishing village-turned-charming seaside holiday resort town on the Aegean Sea known yacht port. The lovely harbor town’s restaurants, bars, nightlife bustling with life day and night promise, palm-lined promenades great walks in. But please keep in mind that however many ancient sights in the city as well. Towering over the harbor offering an astonishing view of St. Peter’s fort, built by the Knights Hospitable Order of St. John of Jerusalem in 1402, and its building blocks of one of the seven wonders of the ancient world of the mausoleum at Halicarnassus won.

The city’s attractions are worth mentioning the Underwater Archaeological Museum, where the collected objects are displayed in maritime expeditions, and even insight into the process and get to know the equipment is necessary for an underwater exploration.
The fabulous essential generated relative to the bazaar, a narrow alley, which is located on the other side of the castle. Is there anything that your heart desires eye.

A multitude of restaurants and bars that tempt you a little relaxation the all-day-long leather shops, jewelry shops, carpet and clothing vendors and their goods to the besieged walks.


The city is established

One legend has it that the city owes its creation to II. King of Pergamum Attalus gave a command to his subjects to find it for you heaven on Earth, where he can establish a new city. The result has been the development of Antalya.
Is located in Antalya, the Turkish Riviera is the capital and largest resort in front of the 3000-meter high massive scenes of breaking Toros Mountains. The Mediterranean coast bustling Mediterranean city has many treats in store for lovers of culture, but at the memorial sites of Turkish culture can coexist with modern hotels, restaurants and shops, and also the fabulous Turkish bazaar bustle so typical of the east.

Old Town harbor around the steep, winding back streets and alleys are crossed with a maze of walking real time travel can participate. Here you will find the symbol of the city, the 13th-century, red-brick built sided fluted Yivli minaret, which is unique and monumental city wall ridge stretches of Hadrian’s Gate. The statue of Kemal Mustafa city’s main square, and magnificent panorama of the harbor. Antalya palm-lined promenades, and the old city bazaar, and a host of small shops extraordinary product range promise, but restaurants offer delicious Turkish cuisine is no shortage.

The kilometer-long sandy beaches of the Mediterranean sun worshipers, water sports paradise turns.


The Antalya approx. 35 km east of tranquil tourist paradise, only in the last few years developed into a true recreation center. Ideal for those who are away from the crowds, but close to cultural attractions like to relax. Luxury hotel located between the coast and its underlying pine and eucalyptus forests enable pampering, quiet relaxation, while the surrounding antiquity survived historical sights – such as the town or are still in use stadium of providing easy access to 15,000 spectator’s seats monuments Perge Ancient theater of Aspendos sights.
Crystal clear waters of the beaches – where the fine sand stretches can be found as well as the tiny pebble – in almost every water sport lovers sports windsurfing, sailing or jet-ski, try their hand themselves.


The former fishing village of Side, which means pomegranate. Antalya is located 70 km east, a peninsula extending into the sea long. The bustling resort town is the ideal place if you want to simultaneously a walk among ancient ruins, the beautiful sandy beaches to sunbathe or just buy mingle and bustle of the bazaar. Side extremely charming Old every step we find ancient monuments.

All together, the ancient ruins and the long, fine sandy beaches unrivaled combination of scenery gives the city and the southern coast of Turkey is one of the most popular summer resort turns your surroundings. The narrow streets of the historic monuments of sheer atmosphere, and a number of buildings in our way there, which bears the memories of old times. About betrays the very well preserved city walls, the ruins of the temples and the impressive ancient theater, the former can accommodate 20,000 spectators were suitable.
Fine sandy beaches, shores of the rapidly warming and shallow water makes it the ideal place for small children arriving.

Manavgat Waterfall

Ride it all the way here!

A must-see for lovers of waterfalls getaway promises of Side Lake. Six kilometers from Manavgat Waterfall. Exhilarating experience for the heat of summer pleasantly cool air around the three-meter-high water rapids.