Thailand, Bangkok

The desire has to travel, who dreams of distant, exotic travel, but there is no destination is established, we recommend first target Thailand. Thailand is the place where tourists will find everything you need for a meaningful adventuring.

Exotic Eastern culture, beautiful architectural monuments, Buddhism, hiking north from civilization tribes living in isolation, wonderful islands to the south. At a distance of a few meters from the incredible cavalcade of unprecedented colored fish, molluscs, corals. People are friendly, helpful and always smiling.

The tourists mainly churches, ruins and spas attract and Bangkok nightlife.
Thailand Southeast Asia’s third-largest country, India’s middle-rear part away. West and north-west Burma, northeast and east, Laos, Cambodia, South East, bordering Malaysia to the south.

Thailand’s surface

1800- 2500 m high mountains in the north, the central portion of the charged Menam- plain and hilly countryside around it. This plain is called in Thailand “rice bowl”, because in the best of conditions in the rice production. Khor 200-300 meters high in the east – plateau, 1,300 meters in the south and west is surrounded by high mountain ranges. Southern Thailand on the Malay Peninsula, only a 40-50 km wide isthmus.


Thailand tropical weather prevails. From November to February in the northern monsoon blows cool period. The average temperature in December in Bangkok from March to mid-May to 25.5 C in the hot season. The April average temperature of 30 C in Bangkok from May to November is the rainy season, caused by the southwest monsoon. The temperature difference between the seasons is very low, however, the greater between the day and night. South of the country in the second half of the year is often devastating typhoons.

Today, there are only rainforests of the Malay Peninsula. Inside the country monsoon forest deciduous, bamboo and palm forests can be found. Thailand, many varieties of birds and snakes. The wild mammals, elephants, tigers, monkeys, wild pigs number is significantly reduced. The tapir and rhinoceroses almost completely wiped out. Significant sericulture. In 1959, the protection of flora and fauna created Khao Yai National Park.

What to Wear

Easy, breezy cotton clothing is most appropriate. Avoid Nylon products. Warm clothing needed during the time of the cold season in the mountain, or visit the national parks. Suit and tie a restaurant and club is required. Closed required to wear clothing in the monasteries and palaces.

Bangkok, attractions, sights

To be able to see how huge the capital, a lot of calm, quiet place can be found.
Among 4OO Bangkok Wat temple-monastery of the major attractions in Wat Phra Kaew and Wat Pho, Wat Traimit, but need to see the Royal Palace, Temple of the Golden Buddha, Wat Sai floating market and Saovabha snake farm institutions as well.

A typical traffic of Bangkok: Thailand’s main bus and rail networks all ends here. The capital bus traffic be effective if the traffic would not be so slow at peak times an average of 13 km per hour.

Taxis are usually equipped with taximeter and not too expensive. The names of three-wheeled tuk-tuk is not much cheaper advantage of slow traffic due to the ease of landing and take-off. The best city-airport connections and the train takes only half an hour, while bus or taxi that can take three hours.

Grand Palace, Bangkok

One of the most spectacular place in the world. Huge walls between Buddhist temple occupies a prominent position, which was adorned with a great image of Buddha. This can only carved jade stone, which is the most venerable religious monument in the country.

Wat Arun

Buddhist temple in Thailand that many of the sights of one of the best known. During the reign of King Taksin the monastery was called Wat Chaeng. IV of the Rattanakosin period. Rama renamed the monastery church dawn and ordered II. The memory of King Rama halt under the Buddha image hall in central pedestal. The main feature of this temple is the 70-meter high central tower, which is thousands of pieces of Chinese porcelain is decorated with colorful. It is very narrow and tall central tower stairs leading to the balcony with magnificent views of the Chao Phraya River.

Wat Pho

Wat Pho, Temple of Reclining Buddha, the most famous of Bangkok’s oldest and largest temple in the world. King Rama I built it more than 200 years ago. The temple complex is located more than 80 thousand square meters area, with more than a thousand representations of Buddha is located. The complex of Wat Pho wall is divided into two areas. The southern area is a functioning Buddhist monastery in which the monks and school of residence. The northern area of the huge reclining Buddha and massage school. The pearls encrusted pedestal reclining Buddha 43 meters long and 15 meters high, right arm is supported on the head. 3 meters high and 4.5 meters of 108 feet pearl visible representation of Buddha, which is made known to the real Buddha. Outside the temple stupa is 91, 4 halls and a central shrine. Minor Stupas contain the ashes of the royal family.
Wat Pho is the first educational center in Thailand’s first university but also has been called.

Wat Sathit Maha Ratchabophit Simard

The church was built in 1869 during the reign of Rama V. Everything was built during the reign of King in a church to commemorate it. Rama VII. King renovated and rebuilt the temple to commemorate him too. It is characterized by a part of the church is decorated with European style, which brings a traditional Thai outdoor chapel was built it. All the main structure of the temple, as the co-ordination hall, the art gallery, the pagodas, pavilions and the galleries are decorated with five-color porcelain. The traditional Gothic hall style to emulate the royal halls of the castle of Versailles. Italian marble image of Phra Angkhir tab, which contains the Rama II, III, IV, V, VI, king’s ashes.

Bangkok City Pillar Shrine

Lak Muang Thai in a number of pillars was built to commemorate the founding of the city. Bangkok pillar in 1782, King Rama I built it when the capital moved to Bangkok from Ayutthaya. This was the cornerstone of the new capital and is also the first “building”, which was erected, even the Royal Palace before it was built. Over time, this pillar has been widely visited sanctuary, people would think about which to fulfill their wishes. Therefore, not only locals, but also tourists like to visit, to pray and to ask for his blessing.

Royal Palace (Grand Palace)

Visit the Royal Palace is one of the best ways to get immersed in Thai culture. The building complex began to build the King Rama I on May 06 1782. The Palace was a residence of kings of Siam. The current monarch, King Bhumibol Adulyadej (Rama IX) is no longer in the palace, but the Chitralada Palace resides, but is still used in official events at the Royal Palace.

Jim Thompson’s House

Traditional Thai teak houses along the beautiful park are home to James HW Thompson, American entrepreneur and adventurer invaluable, unique art collection. Among other things, can be seen in the Ming era Chinese porcelain, stone sculptures Cambodian, Burmese Buddha carvings and shrines. Thompson II. After World War II came to Thailand and lived there for 25 years. It was originally an architect, but in Thailand fell in love with the hand-woven silk, with so began trading. Thompson’s activities contributed to the development and prosperity of the Thai silk industry. Success stories of mysterious disappearances and among the most popular postwar legends of Asia. In 1967, Thompson went to Malaysia on holiday with friends on Cameron Highland. On March 27 he went for a walk in the surrounding jungle alone, which did not return. The attempts to search yielded no results.


From 28 June 1932 to the throne room used by the legislators. Over time, the number of deputies has grown, so have the throne room is small, so they decided to build one of the representatives for parliament, but were unable to achieve more try. The Parliament building in 1970. Construction began on May 05, 1974 and September 19, was taken into use for the first time. From that time used the National Parliament building. Parliament’s new building consists of three buildings. The first building consists of three parts, will meet in the chambers of the National Assembly and the Senate, and both parts of the house. Here is the President and Vice President of the National Assembly. The second seven-storey building are the National Assembly secretariats and offices of the printing press. The two-story building is the third of the members of the Parliamentary Assembly of the club and facilities.

Wat Ratchanatdaram Worawihan

This spectacular royal temple of Rama III. It was built during the reign of King in 1846. Loha Prasat The famous metal style mansion built in Burma, which is one of its kind in the world.

The 36 square-meter-high castle has three floors and 37 iron towers from which it got its name. A spiral staircase leads up to the tower, offering beautiful views of Bangkok’s historic district. Another tower next to each tower is higher than the previous one, which is located on the top middle Mondop. The 37-tower 37 Bodhipakya law, doctrine) symbolizes Buddhism. At the entrance to the Royal Pavilion on Rama III. King statue that welcomes the guests.