Holidays in the Dominican Republic

Dominica, the land of snow white sand coves with crystal-clear turquoise waters, abundant vegetation, modern hotels for all needs, and tropical climate offers sunshine and water sports enthusiasts.

The white sandy beaches, delicious and varied Caribbean food, people gaiety, hospitality and local, unique-sounding music, the rhythm of merengue detention significant contribution to the country’s charm.
Dominican Republic’s capital of Santo Domingo.
Official language is Spanish, but is used in English and German.
Throughout the year, the average annual temperature is a pleasant 25-30 degrees about. 80% humidity in winter is the dry season, this time to eventually become cooler air is 15-20 degrees, and sometimes a short, heavy rains can be expected. Therefore, lightweight long pants and a sweater is worth to wrap. In the sea you can swim all year round.

Dominican Republic

The country has 11 national parks
Natural World Heritage Sites:
It is not currently in the Dominican Republic is a natural landscape that it would be in the UNESCO World Heritage List.
Since 1990, the World Cultural Heritage Site in contemporary colonial old town of Santo Domingo.


The Dominican men are not known for their fidelity. Quietly took note accepted that a man can have even more if her lover is married and has children at home more.
That is why we evolved to do business in the Dominican Republic typically focus, blooming, couples seeking privacy, the “Cabana” which is the most discreet There is also one other. Imagine civilized environment, a long row house next to each other a lot of room, along with a garage. After a couple of hours from the pastor pulled, his car into the garage and the garage door closes, the counting starts. The couple paid leave on the basis of the time spent there. providing luxury conditions ‘Cabana’ s were built with no rooms, but suites will enter the demanding pairs jacuzzi or swimming pool.

Punta Cana

Not accidentally called “Coconut Beach” and said the Caribbean’s most beautiful coastline. Beautiful beaches, bays, natural pools, azure, turquoise 26-29 C in the sea, small-grained, very white, palm groves lined beach, glowing sunshine, sun loungers hanging over the water palm tree, idyllic, a postcard of beautiful places I have longed, almost fairytale-like environment.
Within a few decades, a small fishing village is now a city of 100 thousand inhabitants and the Dominican Republic has established itself as a center of tourism.

More than half a year visiting the country about four million passengers this. 45 km long, beautiful, gorgeous, white stretch of sand fills the rest. The range is 100 km long coastline is less than half utilized for tourism. Hotels high standard, all inclusive and value highly the best ratio to ensure the guests in the Caribbean. The Spanish-owned hotels half, the distribution of passengers and 45% in Europe and is slightly more than 48% as in the United States and Canada share of tourists coming.
The Punta Cana coastline from south to north along the beaches of Cap Cana, Cabeza de Toro, El Cortecito, Bavaro, Arena Gorda, Macao and Uvero Alto. Among them, the most popular and thus also the best known, the Bavaro macaoi and beaches. The Caribbean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean to the south boundary of Bavarótól bit, but it stretches over to Punta Cana.



The macaoi shore from the famous natural beauty of Playa Bonita beach left, a boundary, extending into the sea cliffs. If we go up to the top, we can admire the endless ocean views. The calmness of the sea heaving a one-time flying the Panamanian flag of the 1978 Aston wreck coral reefs ran MS interrupts. Completely looted, today the popular dive sites for experienced divers.
If we were, you might want to view the Pozo Azul (Blue Well) caves.

 Saona island

Saona, with its 110 km2 inch area of ​​the largest island of the Dominican Republic, La Altgaracia region, the Eastern National Park is located. The island is one of the most popular tourist destination for a wonderful shores, turquoise waters, shallow, beautiful, white sandy beaches and other natural beauties. Very rich fauna, iguana, turtles, large birds and Taino Indian caves and lagoons are waiting for the tourists. Saona Island of driving the majority of the boats stop at Piscina Natural, which means the world’s largest bathtubs. The natural pool, guests disembark from the boat and waist-deep turquoise water of the locals taste man from the Dominican rum. A great experience not to be missed!
The inhabited islands, two small villages have Saone, Mano Juan and Catuano. Mano Juan is a charming little fishing village, colorful wooden houses. Catuano and a small naval station. White sand, inviting water, sparkling sunshine, palm trees.

Catalina island

La Romanatól lies to the south, and like so many beaches in the Republic, this is a fine white sandy turquoise waters, shallow coast.

Catalinita island

Many confuse Catalinita and Catalina islands, unfortunately, often even the tour guides as well. Both are a gem, but completely different. Catalinita a small deserted island between the Caribbean Sea and the Atlantic border of the land and Saona Island, the East National Park. Only a private tour organizing office and a diving school received permission to go ashore. This is a place of tranquility. The island is small-grained sand blindingly white, the sun shines, the beach is shallow, the water is warm, simply fabulous. Throughout the island innumerable large sea snail found in the house. The world’s largest deposits of marine snail is here. The sailors en route to Puerto Rico and harvested them to his house after eating discarded at sea they are due to currents in touch shore. Great inaccessible by boat to the island, so if you desire a quiet paradise, crystal clear waters, the mass of tourists in a remote, peaceful place ride there!

Altos de Chavon – the coral or city artist

One of the biggest attractions The Dominican Republic has become the artist’s city of Altos de Chavon, also known as the artist or coral city. Just 25 minutes’ drive from La Romanatól, in one of the high ground above the Chavon River in 1976. Charles Bluhdorn, the Gulf and Western Company president envisioned this 14th century quotation, largely built of coral stone, a Mediterranean city, and Roberto Copaund Italian and Tony Caro Dominican architects help finally, in 1976, he stood in the implementation. Today, home to artists, the charming little town. Many painters, writers, poets and craftsmen inventory at home, from whom valuable individual works may be taken when traveling there. Altos de Chavon gained as much fame and recognition to a school established artists with international ties as well. It is worth visiting the historic treasures of one of the richest collections in the Dominican Republic are showcasing museum. We admire artifacts, most of which were found in the Chavon River riverbed.
San Estanislao Church wholly coral stone-built church, also built in the city at the same time.
One of the biggest attractions of the Dominican Republic in the amphitheater.
Altos de Chavónt please do not leave it so that I did not look in the Chavon River wonderful views. Many films, including the (Rambo and the Apocalypse) could discover this amazing image.


The province’s oldest, 500-year-old town, 45 km west from Punta Cana. Punta Cana, La Romana stretch en route to fall. Modern and truly unique cathedral attention.
Punta Cana and Puerto Plata trips longer offered at reasonable prices as travel offices. Many of them are kept in the wedding.
Here they are given (official beachfront weddings) are a young couple.

Spend your holiday, relax and travel to the Dominican Republic, this trip will surely be one of the best memories of your life.